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Car Trailers

Car Trailers

When you need to move a car, Trik Trailers has the solution for you no matter what the size! We’re the leading trailer manufacturers in Melbourne and our expert team has the know-how to construct the ideal trailer for moving your vehicle.

Trik Trailers is an Australian company that’s dedicated to building and supplying the highest quality trailers on the market. We use BlueScope Steel to manufacture car trailers that you can trust to go the distance.

Custom-Made Car Trailers in Melbourne

There’s nothing simple about moving a car over long distances. At Trik Trailers, we offer unique, tailored options to ensure you get the ideal trailer for the job. We supply a huge range of sizes, materials and colours to create the right trailer for your home or business needs.

Regardless of whether you’d like something simple or complex, Trik Trailers is the Melbourne company that will give you peace of mind. All our trailers are built onsite and come with a 12-month warranty.


How to Choose the Right Car Trailer

When it comes to choosing your preferred car trailer, there are a few things to take into consideration. The size, weight class and capacity of your trailer will depend on what you choose to use it for. We offer a range of sizes and load ratings, so you know you aren’t paying for something you don’t need, and we make sure your cargo stays safe.

At Trik Trailers, we stay compliant with legal requirements and safety regulations. We will help you choose the load rate that you need and guide you towards a car trailer that will keep you safe, physically and legally.

Your options include:

Hiring a Car Trailer

If you don’t have room for a car trailer, you might benefit from simply hiring one. Trik Trailers has a huge range of state-of-the-art trailers that you can hire for as long as you need.

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Stop searching for car trailers for sale, Melbourne. Speak to the team at Trik Trailers today by calling 1300 880 417. We will design a trailer that is ideal for your needs.